Benefits of cleaning and disinfection with high-pressure cleaning machine in pig farm

Strict cleaning and disinfection procedures will benefit many pig farmers. The effectiveness of many cleaning procedures in pig farms in solving existing problems is still debatable. There is evidence that professional cleaning and disinfection have great benefits.

The research shows the effectiveness of different cleaning procedures, especially the effects of detergent, disinfectant and cold and hot water high pressure washer.

The purpose of cleaning pig farms is to remove bacteria, viruses and other parasites left by the previous batch of pigs. Most diseases transmitted by microorganisms are dose-dependent, which means that the more pathogens there are, the more sick and sicker animals will be. Therefore, the purpose of cleaning is simple - to kill as many pathogens as possible.

To remove germs, you must first remove organic dirt, because organic dirt provides a shelter for pathogens and you cannot disinfect dirt. Cleaning methods include high-pressure cleaning machine, high-pressure hot water cleaning machine or steam engine.

Once the dirt is removed, it can be disinfected. High pressure cold water cleaning can reduce the bacterial count by about 60%. High pressure hot water cleaning machine or steam cleaning machine combined with disinfectant can increase the sterilization rate to 99%.

In one study, pig farms were cleaned with hot water high-pressure cleaners and disinfectants, and then pigs were raised from 25-110kg, compared with pig farms cleaned only with cold water high-pressure cleaners. The number of slaughter days cleaned only with cold water was the largest. Washing with cold water and then combined with disinfectant reduced the number of slaughtering days by 2.5 days, while using hot water high-pressure washer and disinfectant reduced the number of slaughtering days by 5.26 days.

"According to feed prices, the cost savings per pig per day are about £ 4.50. In addition, thorough cleaning means that animals should complete the work more evenly, reducing the problem of handling inconsistent batches. For example, deep cleaning will help to control intracellular rausenia (the cause of ileitis).

"Animals are generally healthier, so antibiotics and related costs should be saved."

Deep cleaning of pig farms

Cold water high-pressure cleaning simply flushes dirt and bacteria from one area to another. Professional high temperature and high pressure cleaning machine and steam cleaning machine can realize fast and effective cleaning.

"Due to the squeeze on profit margins, pig farmers will have huge benefits if they adopt more stringent cleaning and disinfection schemes."